Ear Ringing Cures

How tinnitus is cured and can it actually be cured, are two questions where the answers are often sought after. Tinnitus is commonly associated with the buzzing and/or ringing sound in your ear. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to diagnose tinnitus as the buzzing/ringing symptom is also a symptom of other ear problems such as hearing loss and earache. This article will speak about possible cures for tinnitus and how it is diagnosed.

The symptom of ringing/buzzing can occur in both ears, or it might just be a sensation in the one ear. This is usually due to either a loss in nerve conduction or a loss of sound conduction within the ear. The first thing you should do if you think you have tinnitus, is go and see an ear specialist who can determine which of these two losses you have.

Even more importantly, tinnitus might be the start of something far more serious such as vestibular schwannoma and shouldn’t be left to progress into something more severe. Your ear doctor will likely ask you if you have noticed a rhythmical sound that matches the heart rate. When this is apparent, you could be suffering from a form of tinnitus called pulsatile tinnitus and your doctor will proceed to examine your blood vessels to find the cause and possible cures.

When looking for the best cure, it is necessary to note down as much information about the sound as possible – what exactly does it sound like and how loud or often can it be heard. Try to remember when the sound in your ears started too.

One of the first tests that they will make is an audiological test, which could determine the cause of the ringing/buzzing you are experiencing. Some of the more common causes include hearing loss, otosclerosis (when the small bones within the ear become inflexible) and Menieres disease.

When the results from the audiological test do not show signs of any cause, further testing will be done. In more severe cases, it might be directly linked with the presence of a tumor and your doctor will advise an MRI scan. CT scans are also done if the tinnitus is pulsatile.

When the cause is found, the cure can be delivered to the patient. Not every case of tinnitus can be cured though and when this is case, medications or therapies will be given to make it less uncomfortable and less noticeable by the sufferer. When tinnitus has appeared due to an underlying health problem, it should also clear up once the problem has been healed.

Because tinnitus is quite often a condition associated with severe hearing loss, a patient may have an ear operation or wear a hearing aid to suppress the tinnitus.

So the answer to the question proposed, depends entirely on the cause of tinnitus. When there is no definite cure, measures will be taken to camouflage the sound as much as possible.

Ear Ringing Cures

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