Ear Ringing Cures

What is that Noise in Your Ears?

And what is thyroid ringing ears? Tinnitus is a medical expression for “ringing in the ears” though a few hear other sounds.

Thyroid Ringing Ears

The noise caused by tinnitus is usually heard in both ears but may also be hard to pinpoint or be heard in only one ear. The noise can be low, medium or high-pitched and it can be continuous or it may come and go. Tinnitus is common throughout all age groups, particularly after exposure to loud noise, however it is uncommon as a major issue except if it gets to be chronic.

There are a wide range of causes for ringing ears. Sometimes ringing ears is just a symptom of another more severe problem. Ringing ears is very often age related if you are over fifty but could be caused by many other items like an injury or stress. Some other conditions are Meniere’s Disease, TMJ, high blood pressure, sinusitis, thyroid dysfunction and so on.

What is the Thyroid Ringing Ears Problem Anyway?

Ear ringing is caused numerous times by a thyroid gland the is not functioning correctly.  Thyroid Ringing Ears – there is a high positive correlation between thyroid problems and ringing ears. There are other issues that can result from a dysfunctional thyroid which include depression, lower energy and increase in weight.

The thyroid can be found near the base of the neck and is usually shaped like a moth and is very small. It’s among the major endocrine glands in the body. Your thyroid has a major control function and regulates energy levels, protein creation and how the body reacts to the other hormones. Hormone over production or under production is the typical result when the thyroid does not function correctly.

Thyroid Ringing Ears & Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism commonly results in increased metabolism but only affects one percent of the population. And this condition can result in tinnitus plus racing heart, panic disorder, loss of weight and the shakes. The tinnitus brought on by hyperthyroidism is normally linked to heart rate and is pulsatile in nature.

Thyroid Ringing Ears & Hypothyroidism

The more common type of thyroid problem is called hypothyroidism (remember the previous type is hyper) This impacts the elderly more frequently and affects about 2 percent of women and less than 1 percent of men. This causes a decrease in metabolism where hyperthyroidism causes in increase. The symptoms are fatigue, lethargy, weight gain, cold intolerance, constipation as well as enlargement of the thyroid gland. other conditions can include hearing impairment and tinnitus. If hypothyroidism causes tinnitus then there is normally a constant ringing sound.

Natural Supplements to Treat Ringing Ears

Thyroid Ringing Ears – Finding the root cause will usually result in decreased ringing in the ears. Natural cures and supplements has been proven effective in improving your thyroid’s condition. These supplements include:

Iodine – Iodine deficiency, which is a major cause of thyroid dysfunction, can be increased with diet and kelp supplementation. Foods that will raise your iodine levels are parsley, potatoes, radish, meat, fish and yogurt.

Selenium – a majority of those with hypothyroidism also have low selenium levels. Thyroid hormone activity is impacted by low selenium levels.

Tyosine – is an amino acid used to produce thyroid hormones from iodine.

Thyroid Glandular – Thyroid glandular supplements have been used since the beginning of thyroid treatment and remain effective.

Bladderwrack – is another great source of iodine, if you aren’t bothered by it being a seaweed. It is normally used to treat hypothyroidism and helps with weight reduction. It also contains the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.

Coconut Oil – has successfully benefited weight and thyroid problems.

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Thyroid Ringing Ears may also related to other symptoms such as anxiety ringing ears.

Ear Ringing Cures

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