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Tinnitus Cures

Tinnitus refers to the ringing, hissing, or swishing noise that seems to come from inside the ear or head. In most cases, tinnitus itself does not pose a serious problem, but it can be irritating. Tinnitus is a fairly common disorder, affecting roughly thirty-six million Americans. It is not a disease or condition. Rather, it is a symptom of another disease or condition. Although rarely indicating a serious health problem, tinnitus can be irritating. No wonder sufferers are constantly searching for the best tinnitus cures they can get their hands on.

No Tinnitus Cures Yet!Tinnitus Cures

Presently, there is no cure for tinnitus yet, but there are treatments and remedies available that can help people deal with the condition better. First, doctors perform a thorough evaluation to check if it represents another health condition. For instance, a problem in the thyroid can cause ringing ears. After evaluation, doctors will then formulate a treatment plan aimed at helping the patient understand and cope better with tinnitus. The treatment plan usually depends on the severity of the tinnitus and on which area of the patient’s life it affects him/her the most. Doctors often prescribe these tinnitus cures:

• Hearing aids

Hearing aids are helpful for people experiencing loss of hearing along with tinnitus.

• Wearable sound generators

Wearable sound generators are tiny electronic devices that fit snugly in the ear and use a pleasant, soft sound to help cover the tinnitus.

• Tabletop sound generators

Tabletop sound generators are used to facilitate relaxation and sleep. These generators are placed near the bed and set to play soothing sounds to help the patient fall asleep.

• Acoustic neural stimulation

Acoustic neural stimulation is a technique that involves using headphones and a palm-sized device to produce a broadband acoustic signal lodged in music. One of the newer tinnitus cures, this helps desensitize the patient to his/her tinnitus.

• Counseling

Counseling is very important to help the patient understand and live with his/her tinnitus.

There are also easy and common methods that may help bring additional relief to individuals with tinnitus. Here are some of these relief methods:

• Reduce stress

Studies have shown that anxiety can lead to ringing ears. In people with tinnitus, stress management techniques may help reduce the severity of their tinnitus.

• Cut back on caffeine

Caffeine may aggravate the tinnitus, so it helps for affected individuals to control their caffeine intake.

• Quit smoking

Aside from the other health benefits, quitting smoking may give a hand in reducing tinnitus symptoms.

Helpful Tinnitus Cures

Here are some tinnitus cures to help sufferers cope better with the constant noise:

• Avoid exposure to loud noises as much as possible since these can aggravate tinnitus symptoms. If one must be surrounded by loud noises, protective gear such as earmuffs or earplugs does the trick.

• Learn relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Fatigue and stress add on to the severity of tinnitus.

• Shift your focus on other things to help you forget of the constant noise.

• Harness the power of background noise. Use soothing sounds to aid in the reduction of constant noise. This is one of the more popular tinnitus cures recommended by doctors.

• Gingko biloba, an herbal supplement, may provide some relief as reported by some studies.

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You don’t have to suffer from tinnitus. Just keep these tinnitus cures in mind and living with ringing of the ears will become easier.

Ear Ringing Cures

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