Ear Ringing Cures

What is that constant ringing sound harassing your ears and hearing? Where does the ringing come from and what causes ears to ring? To know the cause is to know the cure. You will need some tests to determine the cause before you can think about a remedy. The wrong diagnosis or treatment could only make things worse.

Ringing ears is commonly referred to as tinnitus and there are many causes – which can make it difficult to diagnose. Let’s take a little look at some of the more common causes of tinnitus.

Allergies and Sinus Problems

If you have allergies and problems with your sinuses then tinnitus may be present too. The sad fact is though, that most medications given for your allergy/sinus problem, will be creating more of an issue with tinnitus. The reason is that the medications given may contain some chemicals which will force a blockage in the middle of the ear. With this pressure on the ear, sounds such as ringing, buzzing and whistling can begin – it can be a great nuisance to the sufferer.

Stress and Tinnitus

Stress is another common factor that brings on ringing in the ears. If you already suffered from mild tinnitus, perhaps only from time to time – then the onset of stress can make it far worse and more regular. It almost feels like a no win situation – the more the ears ring, the more under the weather you feel. Stress can bring on a lot of minor and major ills. Even if it begins with ringing ears, be sure to try and beat stress before the body refuses to function properly and other parts fall victim to illnesses.

Exposure to Loud Noise

Our ears are incredibly sensitive. You only have to think about the little flexible bones in there to realize that it doesn’t require much pressure from the outside to become damaged. Then there are the tiny hairs in the cochlea – they can be scathed from loud noises over a period of time. These hairs are no ordinary hairs either. They help to channel sounds to the brain in the form of electrical impulses. When they receive sound overload at a booming level, they get confused and send out the sound waves at random – so you hear noise when it is no longer there. A classic example is when you go to a live concert and stand near the speakers – when you leave, you will still have the ringing in your ears.

Menieres Disease

This disease is present in the inner ear and tinnitus is just one of the symptoms. Many sufferers of Menieres disease know that what usually follows after ringing ears is dizziness, nausea and a loss of balance.

Although these are some of the more common causes of tinnitus, you should still see a doctor as there is also the possibility that an underlying, more serious problem is the cause.

Ear Ringing Cures

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